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Hello, my name is Jordon, I am 20 years old and a volunteer with Shopmobility AbleDeen.

I have been volunteering with the organisation since 2017/18, so quite some time! I first heard about Shopmobility through NESCol as I did a sponsored walk along the Old Royal Deeside Railway Line; we walked from Duthie Park in Aberdeen pretty much as far as the group could go. Now, I have disabilities and would have never managed the distance we walked, however Shopmobility came to the rescue and allowed me to hire a scooter for the day so that I wouldn’t miss out on the walk. 


Ever since then I have been involved quite a lot with Shopmobility, taking part in Celebrate Aberdeen Parades and even nominated one of our staff members for an award which she became a finalist of a few years back. Volunteering for me, is not just about giving back, it’s about showing that you care about your community and like minded people. For me it was only right that I volunteered with a charity supporting those with short term or permanent disabilities to prove to other disabled young people that you can do anything you want if you set your mind to it!


Shopmobility has given me so much confidence, new skills, new friendships and a new lease of life. I finally have something in my life I am passionate about and that I enjoy!


Helping people is something I have always liked doing. Volunteering with Shopmobility gives you areal sense of achievement when you help someone who needs it. That for me is the highlight of what I do with volunteering as it makes me feel like I have a purpose. 


At our recent AGM and after many years of dreaming, my dream finally came true and I was elected a member of the Management Committee. This is something I had hoped to do for years and I have finally been given the chance. Not only that, but I have been given the role of secretary. This is a fantastic achievement and one I am so proud and grateful to be in. 


If you are considering a volunteer position, look no further than Shopmobility! We will treat you with respect, make you welcome and give you purpose and allow you to find yourself and things your passionate about. Hopefully, by reading this article you will be more encouraged to come and volunteer with us and change the lives of disabled people in our city for the better!

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